Club Accounts

We have designed our club accounts so you can set aside funds for very specific reasons. The list of possible reasons for each club account is member personalized.  Hartford Healthcare Federal Credit Union can work with each member to set up their own club accounts.

There is NO minimum balance in all Club Accounts.   

Deposits can be made through payroll deduction, over the counter or via shared branching.

Disbursements can be made any time of the year, except for the Christmas Club account which is disbursed the first full week of November.

You may withdraw from your club account up to two times per month without incurring an excessive withdrawal fee of $11, except for the Christmas Club account which has an excessive withdrawal fee of $17 to withdraw any money before November 1st.

Available Club accounts:

  • Christmas Club – Save for Christmas & holiday shopping.  This money is saved during the year and is disbursed on or near the first full week in November.  Money will be deposited into the your share draft/checking account, unless you request a check to be mailed.  There is a $17 fee to withdraw any amount of money before November 1st
  • Vacation Club – Save money for fun vacations. 
  • Energy Club – Save for things such as electrical expenses, heating and fuel expenses.  
  • Tax Club – Set aside money to pay your taxes, such as personal property and real estate taxes. 
  • Computer Club – Save for computers or electronics.  
  • "Scottie Savers" Club (Ages birth to12) – This account is for Hartford Healthcare Federal Credit Union’s youngest members.  Parents, Grandparents and Care Givers usually set up these accounts for the younger members.  Children receive special offers and awards as deposits increase.  
  • "Say Yes to Youth" Club (Ages 13 to 19) – This account is for members who are 13 to 19 years old.  Special offers and incentives are available for this emerging age group. 
  • "Young at Heart" Club (Over age 50) – This account is for members who are over age 50.  Special offers and incentives are available. 

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