Personal Loans

Click here to Apply for a loan online any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We can help anytime during the day or night, and weekends, too.

Signature Loans

Based upon such factors as income, current indebtedness and past credit experience, members may qualify for loans on their signature alone. Our personal loans are granted for almost any purpose. In some cases, a qualified co-signor may be requested.

Need a vacation?  How about a vacation loan?  Vacation Loans are for a maximum term of 12 months and can be applied for on-line through the personal application.

Want to fix up your home, but don't have the equity available?  How about a Home Improvement Loan? This loan is for the borrower who would like to make small or large improvements.  The maximum term is 120 months. This loan can be applied for on-line through the personal loan application. 

Share Secured Loans 

Borrow against the funds in your Hartford Healthcare Federal Credit Union savings account. You will continue to receive dividends on your savings account as well as paying a lower rate on the loan. It is just like a passbook loan, and its simple and quick to do.

Cash Reserve Credit Line   

Set up this overdraft protection line of credit so when you have a small cash flow problem in your share draft/checking account, your checks are not returned "NSF." Maximum line of credit is $1,000.

Lifestyle Loans  

Whether you are considering elective surgery to correct dental problems, to enhance your appearance with cosmetic surgery, to improve your eyesight with Lasik procedures, or have other medical needs and expenses, this loan can help you attain the results you want.  Up to $30,000 is available for qualified borrowers.  A qualified co-signer may be required.


Now you can travel all over the world and use your HHFCU VISA® card. The maximum credit limit is $30,000 based on your credit worthiness.

For more information and an application, call Hartford Healthcare Federal Credit Union at 860-547-0027, ext. 4. 

To report a lost or stolen card, call: (8am-10pm) 800-433-0505; (after hours & weekends) 800-991-4961;  (Internationally, 24/7) 727-570-4881. 


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