About Hartford Healthcare Federal Credit Union


Hartford Healthcare Federal Credit Union has been successfully serving thousands of members in the health care field for over 55 years.

Established in June 1955, Hartford Hospital Employees Credit Union, renamed Hartford Healthcare Federal Credit Union, began during a time of optimism and growth in the wake of the world conflict. As part of that growth, the rapidly growing credit union movement gave hard working people an opportunity to control their financial lives and develop safeguards for their future.

Since then, the guiding principles of the credit union movement have been at the very heart of the credit union and our commitment to providing our members with superior service delivered with promptness, courtesy and integrity.

Like all credit unions, Hartford Healthcare Federal Credit Union is a non-profit, cooperative financial institution. All members own "shares" of the credit union. By pooling their money, they are able to offer loans and other services of the credit union at very competitive rates. And, since we are not for profit, any profits from interest or investments are given back to our members in the form of dividends. Deposits are insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund,  IRAs and Roth IRAs are additionally insured up to $250,000.



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